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Background on Dr. Ahmed Monis' fake Egyptian treatment/device C-Fast/CCD and Dr. Mohamed Fatouh and his Complaint
Background on Dr. Ahmed Monis' fake Egyptian treatment/device C-Fast/CCD
and Dr. Mohamed Fatouh and his Complaint

Friday, December 19, 2014

URGENT Save Egyptian Doctor from Prison and Egyptians from Scam

Saving lives.
starts with saving defenders of people's lives..

A human rights doctor is facing prison for just doing that:
Saving lives!

Dr. Mohamed Fatouh Awad filed a complaint in the General Egyptian Medical Syndicate against a doctor called Dr. Ahmed Monis, to investigate his wide propaganda marketing for the suspicious C-Fast and (CCD Complete Cure Device) announced few months ago by the Egyptian Armed Forces. This device has never been fully scientifically evaluated, while media reports linked it to a similar fake device sold last year in UK.

Prison is waiting Dr. Fatouh if convicted with slander and libel of Dr. Ahmed Monis, in a case he filed in court accusing Dr. Fatouh of slander-and-libel, as a reaction to the complaint Dr. Fatouh filed in the syndicate.
Final tribunal will be held in few days this week.

Cairo Medical Syndicate published a support statement last month, urging the General Syndicate to finish the investigation of Dr. Monis's claims, but nothing done to date.

Many scientists and doctors in and outside Egypt have reacted boldly against the announcement of this device before getting enough evaluation, the same thing Dr. Fatouh published in his criticism on Facebook and in his complaint presented to the Medical Syndicate.

As a notable human rights and patient rights defender, field-hospitals leader in 2011 Tahrir Egyptian revolution, and health system reform advocate, Dr. Mohamed Fatouh is now in danger of getting imprisoned for just defending other's rights to not be scammed by immature and unsafe medical pharmaceutical treatments.

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For background on the fake treatment/device:

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