Important Background Information

Background on Dr. Ahmed Monis' fake Egyptian treatment/device C-Fast/CCD and Dr. Mohamed Fatouh and his Complaint
Background on Dr. Ahmed Monis' fake Egyptian treatment/device C-Fast/CCD
and Dr. Mohamed Fatouh and his Complaint

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Egypt Forensic Authority Fired for Expressing Medical Opinion on a TV Show!

From New York Times:
Egypt’s Medical Forensics Authority on Tuesday  dismissed its spokesman after he said last week that a poet and activist killed by police birdshot had died from her wounds only because she was too thin. State news media reported Tuesday that the Justice Ministry was opening an investigation to determine whether or not it was true that more body fat might have obstructed the pellets that pierced her heart and lungs, the injuries that coroners said had caused her death. The poet and activist, Shaimaa el-Sabbagh, 31, was taking part in a march to lay flowers in Tahrir Square on Jan. 24 when the police fired birdshot and tear gas from a few yards away. Prosecutors charged a police officer with a form of manslaughter in the shooting but have not named the officer. The spokesman for the medical examiner, Hisham Abdel Hamid, said in a television interview on Saturday that other marchers that day survived similar blasts of birdshot but that Ms. Sabbagh died because she was “too skinny.”

Daily News Egypt

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dr. Mohamed Fatouh Anti-Fake-Device Trial Timeline (updates frequently)

Dr. Mohamed Fatouh Trial Timeline

30 June 2014
Dr. Mohamed Fatouh started the battle against KoftaGate device by presented a request to the Egyptian Medical Syndicate to interrogate the physicians involved in the crime, before the Professional Discipline Committee of the syndicate. (documents)

Dr. Ahmed Monis reacted with a slander-libel lawsuit against Dr. Mohamed Fatouh

First court hearing date set to:
16 Dec 2014

postponed to 16 Dec 2014
(demanding prison and huge fine of $6000)

on 16 Dec court:

Trial decision postponed to 30 Dec 2014

on 30 Dec court:
Trial decision postponed to 27 Jan 2015

on  27 Jan 2015
Trial decision was: EGP 20,000 ($2500)
(1st-degree-court decision) Article

An appeal presented to the court of appeals.

Decision court hearing on the appeal set to: 28 March 2015

28 March 2015
Trial decision postponed to 11 April 2015 for deciding on the appeal

last court date to follow:  11 April 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate confirms Non-Exclusion of any physician in virus cure device interrogations

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate confirms Non-Exclusion of any physician in virus cure device interrogations

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate confirms Non-Exclusion of any physician in CCD - C-Fast Hepatitis C - HIV fake virus cure device interrogations
4 April 2015

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate confirms the falsehood of the news published on Almasry Alyoum newspaper website concerning the exclusion of one of the physicians forwarded to interrogation by the Syndicate regarding the promotion for the (virus cure) device, before having this device passing the required research steps, for any new scientific idea; which the Syndicate considered disrespect to the scientific research ethics, and the Egyptian citizen and his mind, especially that this promotion resulted in numerous patients of Hepatitis C Virus abandoned treatment with their current treatment, thus suffered a relapse in their overall health status.

Dr. Rashwan Shaaban, head of the Professional Discipline Committee confirmed the falsehood of what has been published that he has ordered the exclusion of one of the physicians forwarded to interrogation.

The Syndicate hereby is affirming pursuit f the interrogations in an accurate and neutral manner, and assuring non-existence of attempts to pressure on the Syndicate, and that interrogation process is going in a professional fashion, which has a clear and only goal, that is to protect the profession ethics and to protect the Egyptian patient.

Unofficial English translation of the statement of Egyptian Medical Syndicate on KoftaGate‬ fake device perpetrators interrogations:
Arabic from official website:

بيان نقابة أطباء مصر حول عدم استبعاد أي من الأطباء المحالين للتحقيق في جهاز علاج فيروس سي الكبد الوبائي والإيدز - جهاز الكفتة
نقابة الأطباء تؤكد عدم استبعاد أي من الأطباء المحالين للتحقيق في جهاز علاج الفيروسات

2015-04-04 00:00:00

تؤكد نقابة الأطباء ,عدم صدق الخبر المنشور علي موقع جريدة المصري اليوم ,الخاص باستبعاد احد الأطباء المحالين للتحقيق في النقابة بخصوص الترويج لجهاز "علاج الفيروسات" ,قبل مرور هذا الجهاز بأي من الخطوات البحثية الضرورية لأي فكرة علمية جديدة ,مما اعتبرته النقابة عدم احترام لأخلاقيات البحث العلمي, ولصحة المواطن المصري وعقليته ,خصوصا وأن هذا الترويج نتج عنه ترك العديد من مرضي فيروس C لعلاجهم التقليدي ,وانتكاس حالتهم الصحية.

كما أكد د.رشوان شعبان رئيس لجنة آداب المهنة ,عدم صدق ما نسب إليه من إصدار تعليمات باستبعاد احد الأطباء المحالين للتحقيق.

والنقابة تؤكد استمرار التحقيقات بدقة وحيادية ,كما تؤكد عدم وجود أي محاولات للضغط عليها ,وان التحقيقات تجري بشكل مهني هدفه الواضح والوحيد حماية أخلاقيات المهنة وحماية المريض المصري.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

علماء وأطباء مصر ضد جهاز الكفتة Egyptian Scientists & Doctors against fake device

 على مدار شهور..انتفض علماء وأطباء  مصر بكل إحساس بالمسؤولية العلمية والمهنية فور الإعلان  عما يسمى: جهاز الكفتة أو جهاز الكشف عن وعلاج الإيدز والتهاب الكبد الوبائي وأمراض أخرى
الآتية أسماؤهم هم فقط أشهر من انتقدوا الجهاز علميا ومهنيا، وإن كان هناك غيرهم سنذكرهم في تحديثات أخرى

Over the last two years, hundreds of Egyptian scientists and medical doctors revolted against the virus-defeating fake invention announced by the Egyptian military, here are some of them and their articles in both English and Arabic

د. مصطفى حسين - طبيب حقوقي مصري
Dr. Mostafa Husain

human rights physicianEnglish Articles
article link  - article link-2

د. أحمد زويل - عالم كيمياء وفيزياء مصري
Dr. Ahmed Zewail

Egyptian expat scientist and Nobel laureate

د. عصام حجي - عالم فضاء مصري - وكالة ناسا
Dr. Essam Heggy

Egyptian expat scientist

د. إسلام حسين - عالم فيروسات مصري
Dr. Islam Hussain

Egyptian expat scientist and virologist
article link

د. محمد فتوح -  طبيب حقوقي وعضو مسؤول بمجلس نقابة أطباء القاهرة
Dr. Mohamed Fatouh,
human rights physician, elected member of Egyptian Medical Syndicate
رابط المقال

د. منى مينا - طبيبة حقوقية - أمين عام نقابة أطباء مصر
Dr. Mona Mena, human rights physician, Head of
Egyptian Medical Syndicate
رابط المقال  - رابط المقال2

 د. باسم يوسف - طبيب جراح ومقدم برامج شهير مصري
Dr. Bassem Youssef
Egyptian Surgeon and satir TV presenter

English Articles
article link

نقابة أطباء المصرية
Egyptian Medical Syndicate
رابط البيان الأول
رابط البيان الثاني

أ.د. علاء عوض أستاذ الكبد في معهد تيودر بلهارس
Prof. Dr. Alaa Awad
Liver Professor

رابط المقال

د. محمد مقبل
Dr. Mohamed Moqbel
رابط المقال

د. سالي توما - طبيبة حقوقية

Dr. Sally TomaDr. Sally Toma, human rights physician
English Articles

أكثر من 300 طبيب مصري وقعوا طلبا لنقابة الأطباء المحاسبة والمقاضاة القانونية ضد مرتكبي جريمة جهاز الكفتة
More then 300 Egyptian medical doctor signed the petition to Medical Syndicate to interrogate and legally prosecute KoftaGate criminals
رابط الخبر


رابط المطالبة

English Articles

لجميع المقالات التي تناولت جريمة جهاز الكفتة اضغط هنا
For all articles about the KoftaGate crime, press here